SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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Wall-mounted Hand Gel Dispensers

UK Coronavirus Update

The effects of the second wave of the Coronavirus have been devastating to UK citizens. This is as Tier 3 threatens more parts of the country. According to the NHS, 163 deaths were recorded on Friday 29 October. This figure is just a clear indicator of the seriousness of the virus and is a testament that the newer lockdown rules are justified. Experts are speculating that another hard lockdown is inevitable, as hard as it may be for the country. With many incomes on the line, as well as the negative impacts this has had on the mental health of the people, the fight against the Covid-19 can’t be in vain. That is why SaniStar ensures to only supply the UK with the highest quality hand sanitizer dispensers in the UK.

Best Quality Hand Sanitiser Dispensers UK

SaniStar has been supplying the UK with high-quality PPE products for a much longer time than Covid-19 has been around. We know the drill when it comes to high-quality protective gear. Our products are specifically designed to help protect you against airborne bacteria such as the Coronavirus. We offer high-quality products to individuals as well as businesses, bulk buyers and public services. Additionally, our products are fit to be used in a healthcare environment. We have a wide variety of hand sanitizer dispensers and hand sanitizer gel or spray refill available. We are constantly upgrading our products to ensure that we meet the very latest regulations while keeping our costs low, meaning everyone can afford to stay safe during the pandemic. Therefore, even though we are still getting accustomed to sanitizing our hands at every turn, with SaniStar, you can at least rest assured that you are using the best quality wall-mounted hand gel dispensers. Your safety is our priority. We also believe that it is up to each and every person to do what they can and to play their part in this ongoing battle against the Coronavirus.

wall mounted hand sanitiser dispenser with 20l of sanitizer spray

Finding the Wall-mounted Hand Gel Dispensers That is Right For You

SaniStar’s range of wall-mounted Hand Gel Dispensers has consistently been a top seller due to its subtle and sleek design. It is a highly effective unit and can be placed discreetly at any entry point to ensure that your staff members, client, or patients are able to sanitize without the risk of cross-contamination. And this is why a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is suited for every type of business. With various options of refill of a professional, clinical hand sanitizer designed for medical applications, exceeds the required 70% Alcohol content the World Health Organisation recommends for use in epidemics and in surgical areas. Furthermore, SaniStar offers a Free-standing Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser. This is a great unit to have if you need to move the touchless hand sanitizer dispenser around. An even different design, the Pedal Operated Touchless Hand Sanitisation Station can offer a unit that is foot operated using a pedal. All of the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser units ensure no hand contact.

wall-mounted touchless hand sanitizer dispenser in stock UK

Leading PPE Suppliers in The UK That Stock Wall-mounted Hand Gel Dispensers

So we have been in the PPE game long enough to understand that quality PPE are essential in the fight against a pandemic. That’s why SaniStar has remained the leading PPE supplier in the UK. Our goal is to stock affordable and high-end protective products, while at the same time offering customer service excellence. We strive to help our clients to stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s why we also arrange to have your PPE delivered to you. We also stock isolation gowns for sale for the NHS and healthcare services. Whichever automatic hand sanitizer dispenser and hand sanitizer will best suit your needs, we have you covered. For all your PPE requirements, you can find the perfect solution in our online store. Get in touch with the leading PPE suppliers UK today. To view our full range of quality PPE products and touchless hand sanitizer dispensers UK. You can visit the SaniStar Shop today!

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