SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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Coronavirus Updated 

As the country tries to re-adapt to the trying rules of hard lockdown, specialists are working non-stop on trying to perfect the vaccines. Many people are very optimistic about potential vaccine rollouts happening as early as the start of December. However, this will still remain a period of trial and error for the entire world. As a collective, we still need to maintain our current levels of personal hygiene. It can be argued that never before have we been this aware of hygiene practices and the way we interact with one another. Still, valued insight needs to be taken from the pandemic so that we can be better equipped against viruses in the future. Therefore, it can be said that while we eagerly await to see what the future will hold in terms of a Covid-19 vaccine, we have to remain vigilant. There is no place for complacent this close to the finish line and hand sanitizer usage remains crucial. 

Leading Hand Sanitizer Supplier in the UK

It is still up to individuals, business owners, public services, and healthcare environments to ensure that strict hygiene practices are followed and high-quality PPE products are bought. UK PPE and disinfection specialists SaniStar has remained strong in the lead against the Coronavirus. We supply the public with only products of the highest quality to ensure that our clients get their money’s worth. If you are looking at stocking up on touchless hand sanitizer dispensers, hand sanitizer spray or sanitizer gel refills or even isolation gowns then you are in the right place. We have been supplying the UK with high-quality PPE products for a long time, that is  how we know what makes up good PPE. Our automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are designed to enable quick and easy hand disinfection and eliminate cross-contamination. Automatic dosage is dispensed with each use and our reliable units come with a long service life.

SaniStar Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

SaniStar offers you a wide range of various touchless hand sanitizer dispenser units, ensuring that you find the right unit for you. If you are in need of a hand sanitizer dispenser that you can move around easily, then our Freestanding Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser might be just what you are looking for. If perhaps you need an effective unit that is less conspicuous,, then we recommend our ever-popular Wall-mounted Touchless Hand Sanitiser Spray Dispenser. Then again, you might find that our stylish Pedal Operated Touchless Hand Sanitation Station is the right unit for your business, home or healthcare environment. All of our sanitizer dispensers are designed to enable quick and easy hand disinfection and offer you peace of mind by achieving optimal hand hygiene. Furthermore, you are able to choose a hand sanitizer spray or gel refill in various quantities. By investing in a 20l refill, for example, you will never need to run out of hand sanitizer again.

Get in Touch with SaniStar, Hand Sanitizer Supplier, Today

UK PPE and disinfection specialists SaniStar provides high quality PPE products to the public, private and healthcare sectors. Our Disposable Isolation Gowns feature extra-wide elastic cuffs to be easily worn and to provide extra protection, which can be matched with gloves, thus providing comfort and flexibility. They are available in packs of 10 in either green or white. To conclude, for all of your isolation gowns, spray or gel hand sanitiser refill or even Padded Medical Grade Face Shields, you are sure to find all your PPE requirements at SaniStar. Visit our webpage today to find your ideal automatic freestanding, or wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser, or foot operated hand sanitiser dispenser unit. At SaniStar we are committed to providing the best hand sanitizer dispensers in the UK in our ongoing efforts in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. For more information visit SaniStar, leading UK PPE and hand sanitizer dispenser suppliers today at 

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