SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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The World’s Ongoing Fight Against Covid-19

While every country has had their own unique approach in the fight against the Coronavirus, there are certain practises that have been globally shared in an effort to stay safe. These include varying levels of lockdown and self-isolation, wearing masks once allowed back into public spaces and enforced social distancing. Since the ruling has passed in England to wear masks in public, many citizens have come to realise that the Coronavirus pandemic is still far from over. Even though it certainly feels like we have had to deal with the virus for much, much longer than we actually have, we still need to do everything that we possibly can to play our part in the ongoing battle against the virus. This is especially true from a business point of view, where the livelihood of individuals is conducted in a space that is open to the public. SaniStar wants to support business to keep their staff and customers safe.

Protecting Your Staff and Customers in the Long Run

Even though you as a business don’t necessarily have control over who enters your premises, you are in the position where strangers have to come to you to do business. It is the typical catch 22 situation. The only real solution where everyone wins in the end is making sure that your space is ultimately a safe space to be in. This means that you need to go the extra mile in ensuring that your staff members are equipped with high quality PPE Face Shields and facemasks. It is recommended to individuals that work in a public space to have separate masks for work and their homes, to further reduce the risk of infection.

Besides face coverings, it is also essential to regularly sanitise all surfaces in your business space that are shared. This includes compulsory hand sanitizing upon entering the space using either a wall-mounted automatic hand sanitizer dispenser a freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser.

Make Sure that You Invest in Quality PPE Supplies

At SaniStar, we have been providing the UK with high quality PPE products since long before the Coronavirus arrived. We are experts in the field and supply only top-quality PPE supplies, whether you are looking at stocking up for a health care or business environment. Our top selling products for businesses lately have been various touchless hand sanitiser dispensers. The benefit of being able to sanitise , while not having to share the surface of the sanitiser dispenser is ideal in our current situation. Our Free-standing Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser with 10l hand sanitiser refill is an excellent option for your business if you want a sleek design. A sensor will automatically dispense a dosage with each use. A reliable system with long service life. Alternatively, we also offer a Wall-mounted Hand Sanitising Gel Dispenser, which comes with a 10l hand sanitising gel refill. Battery operated; each refill lasts for 10,000 applications.

stainless wall mounted hand sanitiser dispenser with 20l of sanitizer

SaniStar is a Leading UK Based PPE and Disinfectant Supplier

We have you covered, literally, when it comes to high quality PPE visors for your staff members. Our Padded Medical Grade Face Shields are designed for extended periods of comfortable use, while still ensuring your protection. They can be worn in conjunction with safety glasses and/or respirators, or simply a face mask underneath. They are available in packs of 10. We offer an extensive range of PPE products which also include surface disinfectants and surface cleaning products.

We arrange for your PPE to be delivered to you to further reduce risk of infection. It is crucial to us to help the UK stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic by offering high quality PPE products at affordable prices. To view our full range of products, visit the SaniStar Shop today at 


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