SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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5 Litre Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel Refill

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Hand Sanitizer Gel refill.

Reduces bacteria on hands when soap and water are not available.

Contains over 70% of alcohol.

Effective at eliminating over 99.99% of many common harmful viruses, germs and bacteria in as little as 20 seconds.

Compatible with our automatic sanitising gel dispensers.

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5 Litre Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel Refill

A hygienic sanitizer gel refill that feels great to use and is proven to maintain skin health. A hand sanitizer designed for professional applications exceeds the required 70% alcohol content recommended for use in surgical areas. Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may be harmful

5 Litre Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel refill

How to use hand sanitizer:

Apply liberally and evenly to hands then rub over the back of hands and fingertips and allow hands to air dry.


Common uses:

Cleaning, disinfecting and moisturizing hands



Eye Contact
If this product comes in contact with the eyes, wash out immediately with fresh running water.
Ensure complete irrigation of the eye by keeping eyelids apart and away from the eye and moving the eyelids by occasionally lifting the upper and lower lids.
Seek medical attention if pain persists or recurs because removal of contact lenses after an eye injury should only be undertaken by skilled personnel.

Skin Contact
Not considered an irritant through normal use but wipe off excess with absorbent tissue or towel.

If fumes, aerosols or combustion products are inhaled leave the area then other measures are usually unnecessary.

If swallowed do NOT induce vomiting.
When vomiting occurs, lean patient forward or place on the left side (head-down position, if possible) to maintain an open airway and prevent aspiration.
Observe the patient carefully and never give liquid to a person showing signs of being sleepy or with reduced awareness; i.e. becoming unconscious.
Give water to rinse out mouth, then provide liquid slowly and as much as casualty can comfortably drink.
Seek medical advice.



Denatured Ethyl Alcohol (72%),  Glycerine (1,45%), Isopropanol (1%), Triethanolamine, gelling agent Carbomer940, water.

Depending on the stock we have the colour may vary as the sanitiser gel refill comes in clear and light green and it is perfect to be used with our automatic hand sanitizer dispensers.


Tested to the following EN standards 1276,1500,13727,14348,14476

Gluten-free and Palmoil-free




Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 30 cm

1 review for 5 Litre Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel Refill

  1. Adam Carman

    I’ve never seen/smelled a hand sanitizer that smells so good. I’m impressed.

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