SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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It Shouldn’t be Difficult to Locate Quality PPE Products

In our current day and age, 6 months into the unexpected Coronavirus Pandemic, it has become something of a second nature for people to take the extra necessary steps to protect themselves from Covid-19. We have seen an unprecedented amount of new businesses popping up, offering “high quality” PPE products. While some might be taking advantage of people’s need to invest in such products, it is still surprisingly difficult to find these products that are indeed high quality. Fly-by-night operations might come at a cheap price, but the cost is far more expensive when it comes to risking your safety. 

Don’t get caught out by sub-quality products online while sourcing quality isolation gowns in the UK. At SaniStar, we have been providing the UK with high quality PPE products for a long time; we know how important it is to use highly effective products and the effects of using low end PPE products.

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SaniStar’s Wide Variety of Products Including Isolation Gowns

We supply the UK with high end products, ranging from Disposable Isolation Gowns in packs of 10, to hand sanitiser dispensers for added protection and convenience. Our medical grade products are ideal for use in a healthcare environment. If  you need to stock up on Padded Medical Grade Face Shield in packs of 10, we have you covered. They will provide you with enhanced protection against bacterial and viral infections from airborne pathogens. Designed for comfort and long periods of use, they feature a breathable headband that is easily removable. As it remains important to disinfect our hands once entering a new space, investing in Touchless Hand Sanitiser Dispensers is easy to do with our Freestanding Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser, complete with 10 litre Hand Sanitiser Refill. Alternatively, we have a high quality Pedal Operated Touchless Hand Sanitisation Station

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We Have all of Your Healthcare Environment Needs

We are no strangers to supplying a variety of healthcare products to a variety of healthcare environments. We strive to make it easy for our clients to source our high quality products online, with the added benefit of having their PPE delivered. With a wide range of hand gels and hand sanitisers, also available in bulk, SaniStar are the leading Hand and Surface Sanitisers suppliers in the UK. 

Even though it might seem that there is a reduction in risk surrounding Covid-19, we urge you not to be complacent. Whether it be from a private or public space perspective, we are still being called to action to play our parts in the battle against the Coronavirus. Now is certainly no time to let our guards down when it comes to protecting ourselves. Isolation Gowns play a pivotal part of this protection of society.

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UK Based PPE & Disinfection Suppliers

When looking at sourcing quality isolation gowns, hand sanitisers dispensers and surface disinfectant in the UK, look no further than SaniStar. We have the right PPE products for you, whether you are a public healthcare environment looking for the  best protection for your staff and patients, or a public service space looking at protecting large masses of people. At the end of the day, even if you are an individual looking to protect their home spaces, we have the right products for you. We urge you to have a look at our wide range of products in our PPE online shop, conveniently set up so that you are able to stock up on all your required PPE products at a few clicks of a button. The best part is that we will have your PPE delivered.

Get in touch with SaniStar today if you are in need of quality PPE suppliers UK. Whether you need surface disinfectant, hand sanitiser dispensers, anti-bacterial hand gel or visors, you have you covered. Visit our SaniStar Shop today t to view our full range of products. 


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