SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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SaniStar – Hand and surface sanitisers

UK based PPE and disinfection

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SaniStar Touchless Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Suppliers UK

As the nation collectively holds its breath in anticipation for further regulations to be announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, experts have revealed that they believe the Coronavirus pandemic to be at a “critical point” during this time. Essentially what that means for UK citizens is that any action taken now, or not taken now, will have a significant impact on where the Covid-19 infection rates go next. Even though there is mass uncertainty in the air, the nation will benefit from posing a united front and playing our parts to ensure that the fight against the Coronavirus is fought with all hands on deck. Businesses that will still be allowed to be operational have a responsibility to ensure that the hygiene protocols are met. Your business can do this by supplying staff members with high quality PPE products, as well as making sure that you have touchless sanitisation stations in your space. As a leading PPE supplier in the UK, SaniStar can assist you with these products.

SaniStar Touchless Hand Sanitiser Dispensers UK

The effective and convenient option still remains SaniStar’s touchless hand sanitiser dispensers. The automatic sensor enables quick and easy hand disinfection and eliminates cross-contamination. SaniStar touchless hand sanitiser dispenser Suppliers UK offers a range of different products to suit your needs. Our diverse range offers you the choices to suit your needs. SaniStar’s Pedal Operated Touchless Hand Sanitation Station has remained a popular choice amongst business owners. They are 100% mechanical and require no installation. Alternatively, the Wall-mounted Touchless Hand Sanitiser Spray Dispenser is a discreet and stylish option for your business. SaniStar’s stylish Free-standing Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser unit could suit your individual needs. Naturally you will also need bulk hand sanitiser refills for any of these options, which we offer as well. It is also crucial to ensure that you have a sufficient supply of SaniStar surface disinfectant, making sure that no bacteria can linger on your shared surfaces.

1 Litre Pedal Activated Hand Sanitatizer dispenser

PPE Products Suitable For Healthcare Environments

If you are looking to stock up on PPE products from a health care environment perspective, we additionally offer Disposable Isolation Gowns in either Green or White. They are available in packs of 10 and are made of environmentally friendly material which is very soft and comfortable. The isolation gown features extra-wide elastic cuffs to be easily worn and to provide extra protection, which can be matched with gloves, thus providing comfort and flexibility. In addition, our Padded Medical Grade Face Shields offer the protection you need while still being able to perform the functions you need to with clear visibility. The foam padded face shield is made with a black elastic band and clear lens. The face shield can be worn with safety glasses and/or respirators to provide enhanced protection against bacterial and viral infections from airborne pathogens. Along with the touchless hand sanitiser dispensers, your healthcare facility can be covered from all bases with SaniStar sanitizer & PPE products. 

12 bottles of hand sanitizer gel with pump - uk stock

SaniStar Helping the UK Stay Safe During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has certainly caused a collective re-evaluation of our hygiene practices.  Because of it, our awareness of keeping our hands and surfaces clean has been heightened like never before. It is highly likely that the measures put in place against the spread of the virus will remain in place for much longer than previously anticipated. This is why it is important to ensure that the PPE products that you choose are of high quality. SaniStar touchless hand sanitiser dispenser suppliers UK products are designed to last due to their high quality design and materials. Consequently, if you are in need of touchless hand sanitiser dispensers, isolation gowns or face shields, we recommend getting in touch with the leading PPE suppliers in the UK  today. Additionally. you even have the option to have your PPE delivered to further minimise contact. To view our full range of high quality PPE products and hand sanitiser dispensers, visit SaniStar Shop today!


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